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Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded the app but it doesn't start. What am I doing wrong?

After the launch, the application automatically creates an icon in the tray (Windows) or menubar (OS X). During the startup, the welcome message appears next to the icon.

Also note that the valid version of Monosnap for Mac can be downloaded only from the AppStore. If you downloaded it somewhere else, it may contain a virus - remove it and install the program directly from the AppStore.

Why does my screenshots are uploaded instead of being opened in the editor?

There may be two reasons:

1. The setting “After screenshot” is set to “Upload”.

2. The special hotkey “Cropped shot and upload” was used.

Please, check the settings and make sure you don't activate this hotkey by mistake.

When I try to log in with correct email and password Monosnap says “You're not authorized”

It happens when the application encountered problems with Internet connection. Please make sure that no firewall blocks Monosnap. It you use proxy on Windows, please, specify its parameters in the settings on the tab “Advanced”.

How to capture a window?

Just click on the window while taking a screenshot.

How to take a snapshot of a menu or a popup element?

You can use one of the following:

1. Use the hotkey “Capture frozen area”. By default it's turned off and you should assign it. Please don't use Alt in the key combination.

2. When you take a screenshot of an area hold Cmd (on Mac) or Alt (on Windows) when you release the mouse button. Then the screenshot will be taken in 4 seconds and you'll be able to open the popup.

Does the image editor have any hotkeys for save, upload or copy?

We have pretty standard hotkeys for that (Windows / Mac):

Ctrl + C / Cmd + C – copy an image into the clipboard.

Ctrl + U / Cmd + U – upload an image.

Ctrl + S / Cmd + S – save an image.

If you're a Mac user, please, check the system menu area when the editor pops up. There are these hotkeys listed and also much more

Can I combine screenshots and other images in Monosnap?

Yes, you can do it, if you have Monosnap 3.0 or higher. To add a screenshot, use a special button in the top editor panel. To add an image from clipboard use Ctrl+V on Windows or Cmd+V if you're on Mac OS X.

I'm trying to recover the password / register, but I get an error “Password not set” / “Access denied”

You can see these errors if you already registered through Facebook. You can continue to use your account using login via Facebook or create an account with another email.

If you log in your account through Facebook, you can setup an email and a password to use them instead of Facebook authentication.

How much space do you give for pictures and how long are they stored?

Right now the storage size is unlimited. Storage time is not limited too. Only anonymous uploads from Chrome extension expire in 12 hours.

I copy direct link to the image in browser, but after some time it expires and shows error «Access Denied»?

The link you copy is temporary and is a result of a redirect. It looks like this:

If you want direct links not to expire, use the link provided by the app. Also an option in browser's context menu “copy direct image link” should work. The correct links look like these:

S3 connection test works fine, but uploads fail with error code 0. How to fix it?

Connection test checks only if your credentials are correct. Uploads usually fail due to insufficient permissions on IAM user you've created. To check if that's correct, please, use Full S3 access policy on the user. Monosnap needs at least permission to list all buckets and full access to the required bucket. Note: we have received messages about policy propagation delay on Amazon servers, it may take up to 24 hours.

Also, Monosnap for Mac OS X doesn't support the latest 4th signature yet, so it is impossible to upload with new bucket regions such as Frankfurt

Do you collect any statistics about the app?

Yes we do. The security of your personal data is important to us.

However, for the improvement of the service, we need to know what features are popular and which are not. Also, we need to know if the latest updates work fine for all of our users.

We collect data anonymously, using Google Analytics.

We analyze only the number of applications running (to quickly identify faults) and the popularity of the application features.

Mac OS X

I want to save screenshots in any folder without saving dialog, why monosnap is able to save it only in “Images”?

Due to Apple's policy the apps distributed through the AppStore, have access only to the Images folder. They should ask for user permission to save files somewhere else. Therefore, this feature is technically impossible.

Mac OS X

How to record system sound?

You will need a virtual audio input device to do it. Check the detailed HOWTO is in our blog post.

Mac OS X

What is the correct way to completely remove/reinstall Monosnap for Mac?

The easiest way to do this is to long-tap on Monosnap icon in Launchpad. This will trigger “uninstall” mode where you can remove applications by pressing “X” button in the top right corner. This way you also remove Monosnap supportive files such as preferences file, logs and so on. You can also delete this supportive by deleting this directory:


Mac OS X

I bought a paid package with paid support, but the app limits the number of uploads per day/month.

We did not make any restrictions to the app. This restriction caused by CloudApp politics, and to upload more images, you have to buy CloudApp premium subscription. There is also similar restriction on the Evernote side – one can upload up to 60 megabytes of data per month.


I press the hotkey to take a screenshot of the game, but nothing happens. Can you help me?

In order to get screenshots of the games, you need to run a separate application “Monosnap for games”, which creates a shortcut at the desktop after the installation. If you accidentally delete the shortcut, you can always restore it in the settings window.


What is floating Monosnap window in the bottom right corner? Can I remove it?

The floating window is file dropzone. You can drop files and images here to upload them. It can be hidden with the button in the top right corner of the zone. Also there's a hotkey to toggle it.

I didn't find the answer here. What should I do?

The best way to do this — to write a feedback from the app, the form is in the Preferences window. If you have an issue and not sure what causes it — please, don't forget to attach logs to your feedback, there's a special option for that. Also you can contact us via email.

I sent a ticket to support, but didn't get any reply. How long should I wait?

We reply to any non-empty feedback you send. Usually it takes up to 24 hours to process your request, but it may take a little longer if you send it on Friday's evening or on holidays. Don't forget to leave your email in “Contact email” field so we could send a reply there.

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